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Unser Arbeitsplatzsystem ist voll kompatibel zu unserem MB Systembaukasten.

Stay flexible: The new item components for interlinking work benches

Today, flexible, cost-effective and ergonomic work benches are more important than ever in the value-added chain. The new item components for equipping and interlinking work benches are both modern and versatile. And a solid investment for the future!

Transfer workpieces manually from bench to bench on roller conveyors or slide strips, castor balls or brushes. Connecting work benches together couldn't be easier, and the ease with which functional elements can be changed over maximises flexibility at all times.

Extraordinarily flexible – Interlinking work benches with the new item castor rails.

The modular Castor Rail 8 40x40 is the foundation of a new system solution for interlinking work benches and moving goods. The grooves in item profiles 5 and 8 ensure that the Castor Rails can be easily connected and fastened to standard elements. A wide range of inserts are available, all designed to make the manual transportation of goods and workpiece carriers as gentle and efficient as possible – and each and every element fits into the same universal Castor Rail!

Inserts range from coloured castors for KanBan identification and Brush Inserts for exceptionally gentle workpiece conveying, to Castor Ball Inserts and Slide Strips. The item Castor Rail can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the planner. Complete roller conveyor systems are also available from the warehouse for particularly rapid deployment. And, of course, item has also responded to the call for electrostatically dissipative components – ESD-safe inserts are available and many elements are designed with protection against electrostatic build-up.

Brushes and castor balls can also be used as inserts for table tops, thus enabling a smooth transition from castor rail to work surface. A railing at the side of the Castor Rail provides additional support and precision – and can be made exceptionally low-friction and dissipative using Slide Strips.


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